Our Key Tag Legacy


Founded in 1945 the Tuberculosis and Chest Disabled Veterans Association (TB Vets) was created to assist returning Second World War Veterans with meaningful employment and to raise funds for the treatment of tuberculosis and other respiratory illnesses as a result of their military service. Inflicted Veterans and others with disabilities manufactured key tags and with the support of the then BC Government’s Motor Vehicles Branch, provided this community service throughout the province. This is how BC’s original TB Vets Key Tag program began.


As time passed, and as Veterans’ health improved and donations from the TB Vets’ Key Tag program increased, the founding Veterans decided to help others suffering from respiratory illnesses and expand the reach into other communities. As respiratory illnesses afflict the youngest to the oldest, TB Vets sponsored all aspects of respiratory wellness including: the acquisition of life-saving equipment; ground breaking research; professional education support to student respiratory therapists and grants to health care facilities. This multi-tiered charitable approach soon validated TB Vets as a respected and recognized community leader in the fight against respiratory diseases in British Columbia. Donations from the Key Tag program made this possible.



70 years later, most of the founding Veterans have passed but their children and grandchildren carry the legacy forward. There is no question TBVets is BC’s original Key Tag program with donations continuing to fight the good fight, helping fellow British Columbians breathe easier. Whether you are a long-standing loyal donor or a new supporter, we welcome you to the TB Vets family. Since initiating this successful program we’ve returned over 450,000 keys to date and we’re still counting.

You never want it to happen, but you may have experienced that feeling… you reach into your pocket or purse for your keys, and they’re not there. Even after frantic searching, there is no sign of them. Losing you keys is not only stressful and inconvenient but it can be very costly.

November 2014 | News flash…TB Vets recently came to the aid of the Surrey RCMP (Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team) when a set of keys was discovered in a stolen, abandoned vehicle. Other than the keys there was no identifying information linking the vehicle to the rightful owner. The mystery keys luckily had a TB Vets Key Tag with a confidential registration number. One call to TB Vets by the RCMP and 90 minutes later, the distraught vehicle owner was located and the car returned! YES, BC’s original TB Vets Key Tag Return Program really works , not just for keys but every day personal items, even as conspicuous as a car.

Any type of keys or personal items are protected with a TB Vets Key Tag! Securely protect personal items as ‘YOUR’ TB Vets Key Tags are waiting for you once you order and REGISTER HERE or call 1.888.874.5626 – and your kind donations will support a cause with great returns.

“I can still hardly believe that I have my keys back! Thank you very, very much for making my day… my week. I had decided to do without the convenience of a fob when I learned the cost of replacing it from my car dealer. A hundred and ninety-five dollars plus an extra fifty nine ninety five for programming was way out of the realm of this low income senior. And then a little brown envelope appearing in my mail box….

I’ve been telling my story to as many as I can. Most have said that I’m the first person they’ve met who has actually had their keys returned. Until now I’ve never met anyone who’s been able to share such an amazing first-hand experience. I do wish I knew who my Good Samaritan was but that will never be known. I still look in wonderment at my familiar little fob and other keys… and at the key tag that made all the difference!

I was also amazed to learn that your organization has, down through the years, donated over $18,000,000 to hospitals, universities and foundations to further respiratory causes across our province. I do wish I could be joining your monthly program but I will just settle for sending a cheque when I can. Thank you again for this huge service to BC’s drivers.”

Gladys, Coquitlam BC, November 2014



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