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“…My worst nightmare began when after giving birth I was infected with life-threatening sepsis. I had to leave my newborn baby. This is the day I never want to relive. I almost died on the transport to Calgary but the equipment donated by TB Vets saved my life…”
Kacie Hall, Medical Transport
Cranbrook to Calgary


Your Donations Arm Frontline Heroes in Every Corner of British Columbia

Life-Saving Ventilators for Hospitals
First Responders’ Critical Respiratory Equipment
Bursaries for Respiratory Therapists
TB and Respiratory Research

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“The Sky’s the Limit” – TB Vets Forging Community Partnerships

L-R: Ruth and Marten Van Huizen, Eric Beddis and Yolanda Bouwman

L-R: Ruth and Marten Van Huizen, Eric Beddis and Yolanda Bouwman

TB Vets Chairman Eric Beddis was honoured at the Celebration of Care Gala hosted by Surrey Hospital & Outpatient Centre Foundation. Pictured here with fellow honourees Marten and Ruth Van Huizen, major donors, and Yolanda Bouwman, Surrey Director of Major Gifts, it was an exciting event raising funds for Surrey’s Thoracic Campaign.

The Van Huizen’s committed to raising $250,000 with a good portion directed towards the acquisition of a SuperDimension Bronchoscopy equipment. TB Vets contributed $40,000 for this campaign.

Since 1983 TB Vets has donated $402,088 to Surrey Hospital & Outpatient Centre Foundation.

Your Donations Help Shape BC’s Future Respiratory Therapists

TB Vets Respiratory Therapy student awardees from Thompson Rivers University
Second to the left is Bryana Thacker who sent us a sweet note of gratitude.

Because of YOUR DONATIONS, TB Vets is able to offer bursaries for Respiratory Therapy education at Thompson Rivers University (TRU), which offers the only Respiratory Therapy program in British Columbia.
Respiratory Therapists work in a high-risk environment where emergency cases are everyday occurrences, and so TB Vets continues to be committed to ensuring BC has the best respiratory professionals that can help save patients who cannot breathe and provide hope to their families, today and for the future generations to come.
TB Vets would like to share this lovely note we just received from Bryana Thacker, a Respiratory Therapy student awardee from TRU:
“Thank you very much for your very kind and generous donation! A simple card and thank you note does not seem like near enough to properly express my gratitude for receiving this award. This award relieves a big portion of the financial burden and allows me to focus on completing the Respiratory Therapy program. I am most looking forward to helping better the lives of others and support patients and their families in their time of need. Once again, thank you, for your support and this award!” –Bryana Thacker
Again, THANK YOU TB VETS DONORS for making this possible!
DONATE TODAY at: http://donate.tbvets.org


How Much For A New Car Key?

Check out Wayne Moriarty’s article Why does a car key cost $250 and a trip to Bellingham? in the Vancouver Province.

If Ms. Tambacopoulou had a TB Vets Key Tag, she wouldn’t have had to drive to Bellingham and pay $225 US for a key replacement.
Yes, TB Vets key tags really work. Every week we have a bag full of lost and found keys that TB Vets returns to their rightful owners. And YOUR DONATIONS now fund life-saving respiratory equipment for BC health teams and First Responders.
Our annual Key Tag Campaign starts this week! Donate today at donate.tbvets.org, or learn more about our key tag program at charity.tbvets.org/2017keytags. Spread the word!

TB Vets Grant Recipient Royal Columbian Hospital Holds Donor Luncheon

Because of YOUR loyal donations, TB Vets Charitable Foundation has been able to sponsor life-saving respiratory equipment at Royal Columbian Hospital since 1999, donating over $250,000.
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How TB Vets Made an Impact to a BC Respiratory Therapist


Dear TB Vets,
My name is Jason Zurba and I am the Clinical Supervisor for the Respiratory Therapy Department of the Royal Columbian Hospital.
On Thursday, October 13th, I had the honour of accompanying Jeff Norris, CEO of the Royal Columbian Hospital Foundation, to the TB Vets Annual Grant Awards Night. TB Vets was donating $25,000 to the RCH foundation to fund a non-invasive ventilator (BiPAP) for the Respiratory Therapy Department, and I was chosen to represent our department. This was a perfect opportunity to thank TB Vets for the ongoing support that they have given to Respiratory Therapy in BC and to me personally over the last two decades.
I have three debts of gratitude that I was able to acknowledge that night:
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Your Donations Helped Baby Zoe Live… and Laugh!

Baby Zoe was born by C-section eleven weeks early, weighing only 634 grams.
“She looked so tiny! Her skin had this transparent look,” described her father Matt. “She could have fit completely into the palm of my hand.”

His wife Dawn didn’t see her daughter until she was over a day old because of her own medical challenges, and so it was Matt who watched her daughter wheeled to the NICU and get hooked to all sorts of equipment. With his wife critically ill and his tiny daughter in the incubator fighting for life, it was an excruciating time for Matt.
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The Hope of Normal Things


Families in medical crisis just want “…the hope of normal things…”.
This simple and poignant sentiment was shared with us by Alisen, a new mom. Alisen and her husband, Kelsey, endured the anguish of not knowing if their baby, Avery, would survive a rare congenital diaphragmatic hernia which was diagnosed in the 5th month of Alisen’s pregnancy.
“It is still hard to talk about a time where Avery was so sick. It was hard to remember the times we felt we may not actually get to be parents this time.”
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Your Donations Helped Baby Jason Live


“We knew in our hearts our boy was fighting for every breath,” feared Laura and Kuriakose Leo, moments after baby Jason was born.
The exceptional neonatal medical team at Victoria General Hospital diagnosed Jason’s complex health issues as Pneumothorax in both tiny lungs and acute kidney injury. One day old and in desperate peril, Jason was cautiously transported away to BC Children’s Hospital. Laura and Kuriakose held their newborn son for only fleeting moments, their fears beyond belief.
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Preemie Twins Assisted by Ventilator Provided by TB Vets



“Surrey’s miracle micro-twins home at last”
by Glenda Luymes of ‘The Province’

This story can be told in numbers.
Twin boys, born Oct. 11, 2013 at 23 weeks gestation, almost four months too early.
The first, Thaddeus, weighing 405 grams, “less than a pound of butter,” as his mom likes to say. The second, Quinntin, tipping the scales at 570 grams.
Their chances of survival pegged at about 10 per cent.
This story can be told in numbers, but it is better told through the ­woman who heard every number and chose to hope — the twins’ mother, Christine Ashton.
Read the rest of the article here.
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