The Hope of Normal Things

Posted on: September 26th, 2016


Families in medical crisis just want “…the hope of normal things…”.
This simple and poignant sentiment was shared with us by Alisen, a new mom. Alisen and her husband, Kelsey, endured the anguish of not knowing if their baby, Avery, would survive a rare congenital diaphragmatic hernia which was diagnosed in the 5th month of Alisen’s pregnancy.
“It is still hard to talk about a time where Avery was so sick. It was hard to remember the times we felt we may not actually get to be parents this time.”
The pre-delivery prognosis that Avery, when born, would have an opening in her tiny diaphragm preventing normal lung growth and displacing the heart became the family’s frightening reality. Little Avery immediately suffered through multiple surgeries and spent the next seven weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at BC Women’s Hospital. The exceptional medical care team at BC Women’s were able to succeed at what they do best ~ saving lives ~ because they had the very best specialized medical ventilators made possible by TB Vets with donations from loyal TB Vets donors!
Ventilators are critical to save lives whether it be in a hospital or during an emergency where First Responders are called to action. Respiratory challenges do not discriminate, different types of ventilators are needed for all ages… from the most vulnerable infants like Avery, to elderly loved ones. Having the right ventilator available at the right time can make the difference between life and death. When we see little Avery with this specialized infant ventilator sponsored by TB Vets, we are mindful of the families in peril who have hope because of your generous donations.
With the ongoing support of loyal donors like YOU, TB Vets can be counted upon, time and time again, to help our dedicated BC health professionals like BC Women’s Hospital, and most importantly, families. You are part of Avery’s survival story and countless others that have suffered from respiratory illnesses right here in BC. It is difficult to fully express in words our sincere gratitude for your generous support of TB Vets, and the important role you have played in giving those in need a second chance.
Perhaps Alisen expresses it best for us… “Everyday. EVERYDAY. I look at my daughter and I count my blessings she is here. That I’m a Mom. That Kels is a Dad. Even the days that are tough as a parent, I stop myself at the end of the day when I put her to bed and really thank EVERYONE for our little girl. I am not just saying this… I really do.”
May we count on you again this year to give a little more, as best you can, and help us give the hope of ‘normal things’ to families in crisis:

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