Your Donations Helped Charlotte Survive

Posted on: September 21st, 2016


It is hard to imagine how Charlotte survived her three-and-a-half month premature birth. Her tiny body and underdeveloped lungs were in critical distress. A conventional ventilator initially supported her breathing, it became evident that a more specialized ‘Jet Ventilator’ would be required to deliver emergency oxygen to Charlotte’s lungs.
This Jet Ventilator helped save Charlotte’s life.
Charlotte was in the best of care at BC Women’s Hospital Newborn ICU. Her Respiratory Therapist, Gary Stacey, was at her side every step of her battle to breathe.
“Charlotte was one of the first babies that we put on the jet ventilator for this condition,” says Gary. “She taught us that jet ventilation can be used for unique situations like this. We were amazed and overjoyed as we watched her go from pale to pink.”
Stories like Charlotte’s are shared with us time and time again. We hear how loved ones survived because of life-saving ventilators donated to BC hospitals by TB Vets. It is our donors that make it possible to help us help others!
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