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For seven decades TB Vets with great humility and quietly behind the scenes, has:

  • provided employment with health and social support to founding Second World War Veterans suffering from respiratory illness;
  • offered all British Columbians a free community service Key Tag program for the security of returning lost valuables, BC's original Key Tag people;
  • donated Millions to the respiratory wellness of fellow British Columbians, from the youngest to the oldest;
  • donated Millions for critical life-saving medical equipment;
  • donated Millions to medical respiratory research;
  • donated Hundreds of Thousands for respiratory therapists education; and
  • instilled the values of community service in generations anew as Veterans’ Children and Grand-Children take up the torch.





TB Vets has adopted a new visual identity which features a graphic butterfly with lungs as a part of its wings. While we are celebrating a milestone with our 70th anniversary, we are also celebrating our ability to have sustained seven decades in a changing world. Like the butterfly whose transformation involves an impressive process of metamorphosis, TB Vets has transitioned its historically grounded mission into a critically relevant focus in today’s world and the future to come.

Coincidentally, in the Chinese Mandarin language, the word butterfly is ‘hu-Tieh’. Tieh also means ‘70 years’, and therefore the butterfly became symbolic for a long life.

The butterfly was also chosen to symbolically reference the importance of respiratory wellness, as butterflies, not unlike humans, are highly susceptible to the environment and the quality of the air around them.

Butterflies breathe through holes found along the exoskeleton of the thorax and abdomen. When living in polluted environments they absorb toxins directly into their body threatening their health and existence. In addition in polluted environments, milkweed, the sole food source for Monarch butterfly caterpillars is also destroyed by air pollutants leaving butterfly larvae to starve to death.

Our changing environment, air pollution and the obliteration of natural butterfly habitats, collectively challenge butterfly survival.




For seventy years the mission of TB Vets has been and will continue to be helping British Columbians with respiratory illness lead healthy and productive lives.

From the battlefields of World War II to fighting a war against respiratory illnesses upon their return, our Veterans understood the meaning of compassion and caring for one's fellow man. Their vision was humble - to help disabled and inflicted Veterans with meaningful employment while providing a community service to British Columbians.

This vision was accomplished through the creation of the TB Vets Key Tag return program and subsequently the TB Vets Charitable Foundation. Veterans and the disabled manufactured the key tags which were offered as a free community service. Over time as donations from the key tags increased, our Veterans reached further out into the community, and began supporting programs for respiratory wellness.

The TB Vets charitable legacy is woven into the tapestry of BC's history and heritage and will be honoured throughout the 2016 70th Anniversary

TB Vets Charitable Foundation is a Canadian (CRA) Registered Charity #87416 1482 RR0001



Respiratory Wellness For All British Columbians.



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